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E.B. evolved from one of the first beers we ever made with our own recipe. The E.B. comes from the second batch where the yeast got so active it blew the top off the bucket during fermentation... Exploding Bucket sounded better than messy basement and got shortened to E.B. EB has a bit of currant and roasted malt flavors balanced with a small hint of hoppiness. A smooth, drinkable beer. *NY State 2024 CBC Gold Medal Winner* (Not currently on tap).

Baltic Porter




This New England Style IPA is made with Mosaic hops and is then dry hopped with Citra. It is hop forward without being aggressive. An IPA that can be enjoyed by a non-IPA drinker. (Not currently on tap).

New England Style IPA

Wicked Pissa



Dark Sunrise is a Breakfast Porter made with coffee beans and a bit of vanilla to offset the roasted malt flavor. It started as a variation of our EB Porter, but took on a life of its own from the first time we made it.

Mocha Latte Porter

Dark Sunrise



Farmhouse style beer. Rich amber color and great rounded flavor accentuated with some raspberry flavor. Strong yet drinkable. First batch ever made went to keg around the time Prince died... seemed fitting to name the beer in his honor.

Raspberry Saison

She Wore A...



A smooth and sweet stout with hints of coffee and chocolate. Named in honor of Damon Hewlette. Sadly Damon died from complications from ALS. This was one of his favorite styles of beer. He approved of the idea and the name.

Oatmeal Milk Stout

Big D's



Also named in honor of Damon Hewlette. It is a variation of Big D's but with cold pressed coffee added. More robust coffee overtones on this oatmeal milk stout. (Not currently on tap).

Oatmeal Milk Stout with Coffee

Big D's - On the Darth Side



Originally brewed for a graduation party from Deer Park High School, this beer is lightly hopped and drinkable. Hopped with Czech Saaz and then dry hopped with Falconer's Flight hops. (Not currently on tap).

American Lager

Falconer's Lager



Our winter ale has a copious amount of honey, brown sugar, and various spices to make a rich beer that'll keep you warm in the winter. The sweet, but not overpowering, flavor will have you coming back for more all winter long.

Winter Ale

Winter Solstice



This beer will fool you with its look, but we swear it has the flavor and feel of a lighter IPA. The darker, almost black, color comes from the dark malts incorporated.

Black IPA/Cascadian Dark Ale

Cascades of Darkness



This seasonal pumpkin ale is perfect for those fall days when the leaves start turning and you're enjoying the last moments of nice weather before the winter cold comes in. Great for watching football around a fire with friends and family. Whether you prefer a sugar rim or not, this beer will hit the spot. (Not currently on tap).

Pumpkin Ale

Pumpkin Pi



Calling all peach lovers! This drink marries the flavors of peach and vanilla and fills you with a sweetness that will have you coming back for more.

Peach Vanilla Saison

Georgia On My Mind



Who doesn't love a classic, German, bock? The hops in this beer tickle your taste buds, but it's the caramel malt that steals the show leaving you with a sweet finish that leaves you wanting more. (Not currently on tap).


I Wanna Bock Right Now



Perfect for a backyard party or the beach on a warm, sunny day. This refreshing beer is a fan favorite for all beer drinkers. (Not currently on tap).

American Lager

Hurricane Ridge



A traditional Irish Red Ale. Malt forward with a satisfying, sweet finish.

Red Ale

Lambs to the Cosmic Slaughter



Tamarack is a pale ale that flirts with being an IPA. Dry hopped with Cascade, Mosaic, and Idaho 7 hops. Colorful flavor with hints of pine.

Pale Ale




A classic IPA with a dry, crisp taste that comes along with a citrusy/grapefruit finish.





This beer was brewed for Take Two's inaugural St. Baldrick's fundraiser, where several people, including one of our own brewers, raised money and shaved their heads to combat childhood cancer. A beer for a great cause. Light on the front end, but the hops in this pale ale pack a bit of a punch on the back end. (Not currently on tap).

SMaSH Pale Ale

St. Baldrick's SMaSHes Cancer



Brewed during the late winter months with a longing for spring and summer. This wheat ale satisfies our warm weather cravings with light, refreshing tropical notes thanks to our added mango and guava.

Wheat Ale




Take Two's take on a Mexican Lager, brewed for their first Cinco de Mayo celebration since opening their doors. Crisp and refreshing, just in time for those summer days when everyone is looking forward to a cold beer. This light lager can stand on its own with plenty of flavor, but don't be afraid to request a lime and jalapeno if you're willing to take it to the next level.

Mexican Lager

Cantina Clasica



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